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Preservative Spray Treatment

Preservative Spray Treatment Program
  • Prevents internal wood decay otherwise known as "white pocket rot", "brown cubicle rot", and "dry rot" typical to that found in the plenum area of wood frame cooling towers. Also controls "surface soft rot" and slime throughout the tower and chemically seals grain split lumber against decay.
  • Sprayed on at 500 psi using a photo-reactive red dye, we offer a variety of wood preservatives to accomplish this task. Our basic and best program offers TBTO (tri-butyltin oxide) at a 50,000 ppm or more concentration and coverage is to all internal wood framework parts of the plenum area.

Slime Control and Louver Cleaning
  • To eliminate a severe internal slime problem, we provide a high pressure wash-down prior to preservative spray treatment.
  • For rotted wooden louver arms resulting from slime, dust and calcium build-ups, we use high pressure cleaning followed by preservative spray treatment.
  • For dirty external louvers of CAB, or fiberglass, (due to slime, coal dust, smoke stains, etc.) we use high pressure cleaning followed by preservative spray treatment.
Dry Mothballing - Long Term Storage
  • For cooling towers that will be out of service for an extended period such as plant mothballing, either seasonally, or long-term storage, we offer a "dry mothballing" service.
  • Dry mothballing protects the entire wood structure.
  • This consists of spray applying a combination of Fire Retardant and Wood Preservative to the entire wood structure.
  • This service eliminates the need for a continuous wet-down system or periodic wetting for complete protection against fire and decay.

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