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Other Services

Basin Lining - Steel Basins on Steel Package Towers
Many small package towers made of sheet metal or galvanized steel will develop corrosion leaks, especially in the cold water basins. Fortunately, when this happens, there is a solution to the problem. After gutting the internals of a small package type tower, we surface prepare and spray in a waterproof rubberized lining to the entire interior. If minor spot welding is necessary prior to coating, we patch as necessary.

Basin Lining - Wood Basins on Field Erected Towers
Often a larger, built in place cooling tower, located on atop a parking garage is built with a wooden tongue and groove or a thick plywood cold water basin. After several years of operation, these basins begin to leak at the seams and at the basin perimeter curbs. After gutting the tower and making necessary repairs to the leaking basin, we completely line the inside of the basin with a rubberized, waterproof basin lining that will prevent future leakage. The tower is then re-assembled.

Concrete Basin Lining - Industrial Basins and Pits
When the need for lining the basins of larger towers that are constructed over a deep concrete basin, or any size concrete basin, pit or retaining pond, we can spray in a waterproof rubberized lining. We can also successfully waterproof stabilized earthen retaining walls and dams around vessels and storage tanks with a sprayed on rubberized lining.

Fill Cleaning - High Efficiency Fill
Frequently, high efficiency fill becomes clogged with biological, organic, inorganic or sedimentary materials. Depending on the analysis and scope of the problem, we can successfully de-scale, and de-clog contaminated fill to restore normal cooling performance to the fill without the need for expensive replacement.

General Repairs
We provide a wide variety of miscellaneous repairs and maintenance services for industrial plants nationwide. Services include but are not limited to annual distribution system cleaning, annual gear oil changes, and annual inspections for decay and deterioration. We provide carpentry and millwright services as needed to restore the proper operation of your cooling tower.

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